State of the Union Q2 2018

It’s been a very busy few months for OpenRW and contributors have done some great work. This update covers the highlights of Q2, you can see all 70 merged PRs on GitHub.

Respawning, #446 by husho

While it’s been possible to die for some time, it was more permanent than intended. OpenRW is now better than real life, letting you come back to life for just a nominal fee.

Vehicle Damage, #448 by husho

Vehicle health is now partially respected. This means it’s now possible to fail missions because of careless driving.

Pickups, #449 by husho

Behaviour of pickups has been greatly improved by husho. Now you can grab body armour, health, and adrenaline off the street. #493 was also added for mission-specific pickups.

Garage logic, #480 by husho

Groundwork for garage functionality means that garage doors now activate when you approach. If that wasn’t enough, #490 added handling for rotating garage doors.

Payphones, #498 by husho

Payphones in the game now have functionality. This PR made it possible for the game to enable them, for the player to walk up to them and trigger them.

Conan package management #508, by madebr

Conan is a cross platform package manager for C++. Thanks to this getting dependencies is now a piece of cake on Windows. This deprecates the prebuilt dependencies repository.

Additional Changes